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METACOAT is a long-time manufacturer of high-performance coextruded polyethelen films since 2008 in China. We focus on the non-glue surface protection film manufacture for a long time.

Since the protection films available on the market often did not meet our stan-dards (glue residues after removal, surface indentations, adhesion values, pull-off forces, temperature stability, etc.) we decided to develop and manufacture the non-glue protection film to better meet our customers’ needs.

Our 12 blown film production facilities feature state-of-the-art extrusion systems from the best equipment suppliers.We have achieved market-leading growth by continually reinvesting in equipment, facilities and training to ensure that our customers have a sustainable competitive advantage in their respective markets.

Residue free removal is a characteristic of high quality protective film of METACOAT. Our film ensures reliable peeling without leaving adhesive residues on the surface.

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