Protecting polycarbonate sheets as well as PVC sheets and films is one of our major strengths. In this sector, METACOAT offers the most varied product line on the market. We deliver a variety of glue free surface protection films for PMMA, ABS or PS-based sheets for standard applications as well as for specialised applications that require thermal moulding or have very high standards for the visual quality (e.g. displays).Glue free surface protection films from METACOAT can be used in all areas of plastics processing such as in manual or machine processing or during transport and storage. Their special surface treatment reduces dynamic friction thus allowing customers quicker process workflows. Examples of use are PMMA for signs, indoor or outdoor decoration or foamed PVC for making signs. Other common uses are in digital printing, on PC film and sheets or PET. Furthermore, these products are processed in various thermo-moulding sectors such as moulding or thermal deep drawing.

Code Film Type Film Thickness Adhesive Type Adhesive Strength Color Surface
3310 LDPE 20-50 microns Rubber base Low Transparent / Milk / Light blue / Green ect     PMMA/PC
3320 LDPE 30-80 microns Rubber base Medium  Transparent / Milk / Light blue / Green ect PMMA Smooth & Glossy
3330 LDPE 30-80 microns Rubber base Medium-High  Transparent / Milk / Light blue / Green ect PVC Solid