Glue Free Surface Protective Films

METACOAT has surface protective films for a variety of stainless steel finishes including HL,#4, #8, BA, and 2B. From surfaces with a larger roughness depth to high-gloss surfaces such as 3D or BA, any sort of stainless steel can be protected reliably. Common applications are stainless steel coils and plates as well as decorative and constructive stainless steel for typical kitchen applications (refrigerators, washing machines, dish washers, etc.).Customers in this product sector are usually service centre agents. Here sheets are sanded, brushed, polished or cut. METACOAT provides an attuned adhesive force on the polished section.

Our Rubber-Based adhesive systems are available on 50-100 microns CoEx PE films that include clear, color tinted, milky, and black and white color options.

Our assortment includes transparent and translucent as well as white and black/white films in thicknesses between 50 µm and 70 µm.

The availability of numerous finishes from brush, mirror, to bright annealed makes uncoated stainless steel an easy target for scratches, abrasions and damage that can occur during transportation, heavy workmanship, and fabrication. These greatly increase overall costs relating to wastage, replacement, and loss of production time.

Our surface protective film is made to protect the metal during stamping, bending, cutting and installation.

GLUE FREE SURFACE PROTECTION FILM FOR STAINLESS STEELNon residue protection film for stainless steel


Code Film Type Film Thickness Adhesive type Adhesive Strength Color Surface
3416 LDPE 50-80 microns Rubber base Low Black & White / Transparent blut or upon request  BA, 8k
3418 LDPE 50-80 microns Rubber base Medium Black & White / Transparent blut or upon request HL
3420 LDPE 50-80 microns Rubber base High Black & White / Transparent blut or upon request HL,No.4